South Burnett UTV Dealer

Based in Kingaroy with delivery to the entire South Burnett region, Ollies Mower Service are Landboss and CF moto UTV dealers. We’ve been Kingaroy’s #1 choice for garden and small engine farm products for over 40 years and have our own in-house team of small engine mechanics to take care of scheduled servicing and repairs of all the products we sell. Our range of UTVs is extensive and our team will work with you to identify the right product for your needs.

Please give us a call on (07) 4162 4533 to talk to Kingaroy’s trusted UTV dealer or come see our range in person at our Kingaroy showroom.

Why Choose a UTV?

Utility Terrain Vehicles, or UTVs, are a fantastic alternative to bush-bashers when looking for an easy-to-operate mode of transport to get around your property. They’re great fun, can carry around multiple passengers and are handy for collecting materials and completing small jobs around your property. Brands we stock include CF moto and Landboss, with both Petrol and Diesel models available. We can provide delivery to the entire South Burnett region, with free delivery within Kingaroy. Speak to us about our financing options available with select models!

More and more people on properties are moving towards UTVs, be they experienced ATV owners or first time quad owners. This is due to the increased safety from the UTVs encouraging more families to purchase them as well as the enhanced versatility and easy steering making it a fantastic choice.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call on (07) 4162 4533 to discuss our range of UTVs and ATVs or visit our showroom for tailored advice and product demonstrations from our friendly staff.


We’re often asked whether to get a UTV or an ATV (all-terrain vehicle). In light of the recent spike of ATV / Quadbike rollovers and critical injuries, especially among inexperienced farm hands and kids, the market has gradually shifted to UTVs. UTVs (also known as side-by-sides) are similar to ATVs but they have a built-in roll cage and occupants sit secured to a chair via a seatbelt. They also have the advantage of often having more storage and passenger space. This does, however, come at a slight price premium compared to ATVs.

For first-time quad buyers or buyers with smaller children, we highly recommend getting a UTV. They offer:

  • Great versatility
  • Greater safety over an ATV
  • Same great off-road capabilities
  • Steering wheel instead of handlebar makes steering effortless

Despite being safer, UTVs are still heavy machinery that require precise operation in order to be safely and properly used. When you come in to see some of the different UTV and ATV models we have on offer, we’d be happy to show you how to properly operate the equipment.

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Kingaroy UTV Dealer

Call Kingaroy’s trusted UTV Dealer, Olleys Mowers, for tailored advice on our range of UTV vehicles, or come and visit our Kingaroy showroom to see our full range of UTV products yourself. Call (07) 4162 4533.